Lu Lu’s French Lavender Lotion

Lu Lu’s French Lavender Lotion

$ 18.00

Every home should have a bottle of lavender lotion. Lavender oil is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant, sedative and detoxifier. Lavender stimulates the immune system resulting in a healthier body and mind. Lu Lu wants to remind everybody that lavender is a wonderful mood tonic… so just breathe.

8 fl oz


Infusion of comfrey,* calendula,* St. John’s wort,* licorice root,* borage,* mallow,* chamomile,* rose hips,* heliachyrsum,* lavender,* coconut oil,* sweet almond oil,* evening primrose oil,* natural emulsifying wax, phenoxyethanol, xanthan, mannan, edta, vitamin c, vitamin e, essential oils* *organic

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